Digital Vacation

Most people who know me are surprised to hear that i dont get a cell phone when i travel in Europe.  Even when i have visited for months, i dropped this technology which you typically see me use several times in an hour when i am in the Untied Snakes.  It certainly is not that Europe has a superior public access phone system, in fact these systems are not especially handy in many west European countries and even more frustrating in the east (outside of transit hubs and other dense places).

I have been pondering what a more complete digital holiday would look like.  A week or perhaps a month without phone or internet or computer.  How would my experience of reality change. I am in the somewhat luxurious place of being able to design my life this way, that i could with some months of planning, drop out for a month and fast off the information super highway flood.  Will my dreams be richer?  My conversation more intentional?  My presence more focused?  Who knows, but in an increasingly technophilic age it seems wise to step back from the network spectacle and just be with yourself for a bit.

unplug and be