Work Scenes

Twin Oaks has many different jobs you can do — indoor and outdoor, domestic and income-producing, manual and sit-down. The diverse work scene is a selling point to many people who decide to move here. They are tired of doing the same job 40 hours per week. At Twin Oaks, almost no one does one job all the time. Still, new members tend to have more diverse work scenes than members who have been around longer. The trajectory seems to be that after a few months, people realize which jobs they like the best and focus on those. Toward the end of my last membership, I was mostly doing tofu packaging and working in our community garden.


sage I labeled for the workshop

Since I am just returning from PAL, I don’t have a “work scene” yet. In the last week, I’ve gotten to do some jobs that I would never had done when I was preoccupied with garden and tofu. For instance, a few days ago, I labeled some plants for Hildegarde’s herb workshop that’s coming up in a few weeks. In my two years of living at Twin Oaks, I’d never worked in the herb garden. It was fun.