Potato Gun and Pinata

Red loads potato gun and aims at pinata

One of the many forms of my structural disorganization, is that i dont put a bunch of time into thinking about how i am going to entertain guests who arrive here.  Mostly, i just depend on there being something interesting happening when they arrive.  This seems to work reasonably well.

A couple of weeks back when Willow’s half-sister Rachel came to visit with her mom, i was scrambling around as i oft do and had not thought about what they might do that would be engaging upon their arrival.  This time, it was super easy, because the show was already in progress.

Michael was leaving a Red wanted to throw a party, so he broke out the potato gun and they found a pinata.  The potato gun uses compressed air and launches the potato with significant force.  My assumption was that most of the potatoes would miss and the pinata would move to the next round mostly unscathed.

I was completely wrong.  Despite the potato gun having extremely poor sighting, the various potato gun shooters had incredible luck hitting the pinata.  Something like 6 out of 8 shots were direct hits.  And this pinata appeared to be made of titanium, because it showed almost no wear despite the repeated successful targeting.

Then in more classical pinata tradition, we retired the potato gun and brought out (first) kids with sticks and then adults with sticks.  Soon there was candy across the Kawaeh yard and happy kids running all around it.