Racist Comments from Sam Freedom

i love comments on my blog.  But not quite all of them.

On August 5th Sam Freedom (from [email protected]) responded at first with a quip to my long blog post on the communities struggle over certain types of kinky sex.

Ok, I’m in… where do I sign?

Half an hour later he (i am assuming Sam is a he) responded with a more thoughtful (tho still simplistic) response

Ok, in all seriousness, there are 2 kinds of violence:  inner and outer.  In the big picture, they’re actually the same because we are connected and if you hurt yourself, your relationships suffer which is painful to others.  Take, for example, a person who cuts himself.  Maybe he isn’t as sensitive to the pain and the sight of blood gives him a rush.  Legally, he can do that but he might be considered mentally unwell.  And, how does that make his parents feel?  His friends?  Himself, over time… is it really ok or does it become increasingly dangerous such as potential infection of self, infecting others if infected blood drips around…

And so on.

Now that example might not sit well with some because of its graphic nature but it serves a purpose just the same.  It goes to show that the issue is not the BDSM, or the consent.  It is the ultimate effect on the living space and on living, dynamic, ongoing relationships with the other inhabitants.  Some can explore such things playfully.  For others, it can become addictive.  The former will never affect the community.  The latter will, if left alone, hurt, and possible, destroy it.

So, a community has to have an ultimate aim, a central guiding principle, or a group of guidelines and if you’re going to espouse non-violence, then that should mean both inner and outer.  And for those who say BDSM isn’t violence but consensual play, you’re just kidding yourselves.  As a black reverend once told me, “A white man ain’t black just because he eats some fried chicken and watermelon.”  e.g. you aren’t practicing BDSM just because you say you are or just because you’re emulating something you say in a book or was taught by someone “in the scene.”

Or let me put it to you this way…

SADO MASOCHISM IS NOT PLAY.  IT IS SADISTS HURTING MASOCHISTS.  And anyone who allows that to take place in their community is either a sadist or a masochist themselves.  But as for that “other stuff” called BDSM, yeah, whatever, let the kids do their roleplaying and get it out of their systems.

For a guy who’s name is “Freedom” this guy arrives with lots of judgements around what consenting adults can do and clearly he is game to play police of other peoples behaviors in a way that i am not.

Then on my rant on meditation Sam suggested

Hey, Mr Important.  Is it REALLY going to hurt you so bad to sit on a cushion for 30-60 minutes and pretend?

Which is a completely understandable comment, if you inhabit the mainstream.  And i have been teased about thinking that i am “Mr important pants” by more than one person who i am very close with.  And we are trying to move away from pretending,.  Pretending it turns out is a big problem collectively.  Pretending you are monogamous, pretending it is okay to oppress people, pretending the known problems of technologies (like nuclear power) dont matter.  I dont need to pretend to anyone who i care about.  And i certainly dont need to waste my time on a cushion pretending to meditate.  And i get that for lots of people this is a valuable exercise.

Regarding a post on the BP Oil spill Sam wrote

And why didn’t Obama let the Swedes help with their mammoth ships that were specifically built for cleaning and containing spills this large?

Here Sam’s right wing lunacy and my radical sentiments align.  I want to know the same thing.  Why did not Obama let the Sweds use their cool boat?   Obama is a huge disappointment, we should throw him out.  Only Sam and i disagree about what type of person should replace him.

On Japans success in conserving energy and avoiding black outs with 2/3rds of its reactor fleet idled, Sam wrote:

If you really want to get your point across and have more people read it to completion, please consider being more concise.  As for the Japanese having this amazing pull togetherness and conserving “obsessively”, it really does look special to us over here but we still see them as *japanese* whereas we are a nation of so many different types of people.  So, let’s just start with the illegal aliens (12 mil reported but more like 20-25 million) and tell me if a single one of them cares an iota about energy conservation.

Now that I think about it, think of all the trees and energy we’d save if we just forewent the printing of their checks and just wired the money back home to Mexico for them… kind of like setting up one huge autopay to Mexico

This racist comment out of left field inspired the following response from me to Sam via his email, he has never replied.

Dearest Sam:

i know a bunch of illegal aliens.  Several of them working on energy
issues. Normally i would just blow you and your ignorant racist
comments away.  but since i have an email for you and three of your
four comments we simply abrasive, i’ll give you a chance to redeem
yourself.  If you want to be in dialog please answer the following
questions (since you seem to have plenty of time to read my blog).

1) Do you actually know any aliens personally, illegal or otherwise,
to base your carelessness claim on?

2) Why should i not simply blow away your comments and blog you from
posting on my blog and permanently block your address from future
posts?  In other words, why should i not just eliminate you like i do
most Fox News bozos who show up in my comment section ?  Hint: The
only proper answer to this is that you have something thoughtful to

i wish you good luck on your journey, which likely has very little of
us doing much together.

Paxus at Twin Oaks

5 Harvest of Errors 2KXI

Soon i will blow Sam’s thoughts away and block him from future commenting on my blog.  As a street artist might  clean up trash graffiti from their work, so i will zap Sam’s thinking.  But i felt drawn to immortalize it here.  So if you have something clever to say about Sam’s thinking (an area he clearly needs some help in) you can share it.  And if you feel he has a legitimate point (besides the Swedish clean up ship) then now is your time to defend the deep thinking Fox News audience.