Banana Brigade

There are many different organizing styles.  The one i am currently using in my experimenting with creating new community is to dream up (often with others) interesting new ideas and see who gets excited about them.

The idea is simple

The idea is simple

The idea which has been getting a surprising amount of support, as in the kind of “tell me when this is happening and i will come up and work with you on it” support is mass dumpster diving in the Death City area.  What we currently have is DC based dumpster divers who leave lot so food behind, because there is a limit both on what they can consume and what they can handle processing in the same night.

Enter the banana brigade.  Communards who are interested in helping can join trips up to DC and participate in food processing after late night dumpstering so as to both increase the yield of food captured by dumpstering and increase the amount that is taken from each dumpster, because there are more people eating the food.

It is easy to imagine a group of cooks and food processors who would help cull the bad bananas from the ones which can be used in banana bread.  We will start with this monthly in March and see how it goes.