Unicorns Club – Not a cult

“We dont want to exclude people, that would make us a cult.” Izzie was commenting on her desire for the membership of the new unicorns club to be inclusive.  And i realized i needed to explain what a cult really was.

So the 3 things which typify a cult are:

  1. it has a living charismatic leader
  2. you give them all your money
  3. you are kept away from your old friends and family
  4. you cant leave when you might like

They are bright kids, these sisters of Feonix, who quickly were intrigued by the idea that if a group persisted after its charismatic leader died, it shifts from being a cult to being a religion.

everyyone showing off their unicorn tattoos

everyyone showing off their unicorn tattoos

Zoe quickly quipped “We gave you a temporary unicorn tattoo, we want all your money, like that is going to happen.”

We had one lunch of this august group, i was quite honored to be the only person old enough to vote in the group.

Unicorn Club is in no way affiliated with the Twin Oaks home schooling program called Unicorns School, tho Zadek is in both.