Parklets San Francisco Style

i am in San Francisco and tickled to discover the latest urban trend is parklets – parks made of one or more reclaimed parking spaces inside the urban area.

Photo by paxuscalta

This is the more boring and most economically useful of the versions.  This parklet is three car spaces in front of three different venders all of it serving food.  It created an extended living room into the street for a pizza place, the Revolution cafe and Indian food.

maintained plants and seating places

This two parking space parklet which is a somewhat more classical park, tho i am curious if it works as a well utilized space.    They are nice places to sit which provide a bit of privacy in this highly public space.

The only private parklet has elaborate hedges

i am told there is a single parklet which is paid for by a single individual, instead of a business or collection of business.

It is also the most cared for and complex.  The triceratops hedge is just one piece of this lovely little park.  Where apparently the owner got married a few months back.