Air Conditioning and not missing what you dont have

If you really knew me, you would know i am a huge Firesign Theatre fan.  In one of there albums a used car salesman is pitching the vehicles cimate control system and says

“It is fully equiped with factory air conditioned for our fully air conditioned factory.”

You would also know that Twin Oaks has very strict agreements around the use of air conditioning.  There is no place that has it consistently (except perhaps an ailing members room) and there are only a very limited number of places where it exists at all as an option.  [An Acorner recently committed the heresy of installing there own window unit, without asking anyone if it was okay - it was not.]

One of the few places there is air conditioning is TCLR (Ta Chai Living Room) so to encourage people to make hammocks in the air conditioned.  It has been over 100 degrees the last few days.  TCLR has been nearly empty.  Despite the heat, we basically dont consider air conditioning much of an option here, culturally.  People could be using it.  Cameron was until a few moments ago making a hammock and now i am parasiting off the coolness as the room slowly heats up now that it has been turned off (i am blogging not making hammocks, so no electric cool breeze for me).

But the rules are so strong about it’s restricted use, that i did not have it in me when Helm was complaining about Cameron’s solo use of TCLR for hammocks  making displacing 8 people from Not Forum who would have happily used the space that unless someone from that group was going to make hammocks, technically the AC would have to remain off.  In this we are still Behaviorists.

Could we tell Houston to turn off the cool breeze?  i am not sure, but certainly we live with extreme temperatures here. And while people editorialize about the heat.  I find they do just about the same amount that people who are surrounded by AC all day do.  Only their expression somehow feels more authentic to me.