Minority Relationship Model

Crystal asked me to shock his Social Movement students at Cal State Monterey Bay.  This felt like a high bar, so i offered to entertain them and provoke their thinking.

Crystal and fellow philosopher

Crystal and fellow philosopher

i presented about all the folks who had said the world was going to end if we dont dramatically change our behavior (Club or Rome, Carl Sagen and nuclear winter, Rio 1992 and sustainability, the Peak Oil kids and now climate change).  i put them in small groups and asked them to discuss what they could share better.

But it was (predictably) the second part of the class which got the most eyebrows raised.  I talked about polyamory and the astronomy of the Star family (and bragged about various Willowisms).  The group exercise was to talk about their relationship with jealousy and report back on if they liked it and how they might change it.

But the thing that Crystal was most excited about was the idea that polyamory was a minority relationships model and as such was discriminated against in most peoples thinking.  i pointed out that if you get involved in a poly relationship and it does not work out, you are quite likely to say “Polyamory does not work” or perhaps “Poly does not work for me”.

polyamory pedals

But if you are on the other side of a failed monogamous relationship you are more likely to say “Joe is an asshole”.  It is quite possible that your poly relationship failed because Joe is an asshole, or because Joe is not even poly.  We rarely say “Monogamy does not work”

[80% of students reported being shocked.]