June is False Accusations

i cant write about the details yet, but it almost certain that June will be called False Accusations.

For folks who tuned in late, i often name my months.  This is a practice i started when i was living in the Czech Republic at i was informed by Erikk Piper that the Slavs used a completely different month naming practice than the Roman influenced world.   It was not about roman gods, but about seasons and colors and cultural things which were happening.  Month names like Harvest (for August) and Animals in Heat (for September) or Red (which is June).

It was only a small step from the novel Czech month names to coming up with my own – including forecasting local and global events (like Japan closing all it’s reactors or Qaddafi falling)


So i have a trigger around false accusations, which is stronger than most peoples.  This comes from being someone who is with some regularity bending or breaking the rules.  Anarchists climb fences, graffiti walls, disassemble sleep schedules,  go to jail, and write long essays about why they are anarchists.

And with quite some regularity, in community, in my action groups, with my friends and intimates i have to explain the unconventional decision i make.  i am accused of being foolish, naive, a danger to myself and others, and more.  i am regularly accused of something that i did do and i spend some fraction of my time explaining why i am doing what i am doing to an upset, curious or confused comrades.

So when someone accuses me of something i did not do, i often get angry.  i would likely get far less angry than if i did not have to spend so much time on the legitimate accusations which come my way.  But so it goes.