Bigger than Politics

We knew Obama would disappoint in his first term.  We knew he would tack to the middle and continue the “right wars” which he had promised during his campaign.  And if the election campaign was any indication his post election prospects for significant change looked poor.  There was no mention of climate change, no specifics on immigration reform, little discussion of the war.  There was lots of discussion about the economy and getting people jobs.  

But i am perpetually hopeful.  Obama did not need to say he was going to do something about climate change in his inaugural address, but he did.  He did not need to champion gay marriage and he wisely did that.  And if i allow myself to be optimistic for a few moments, we might even get group troops out of Afghanistan in 2014.  Now if he could just ground the drones and pull back the special ops guys, Obama could actually win his peace prize.

Now i see he is stumping for immigration reform.  Another headachy battle to smash against the wall with. 

So what he is trying to build in the second term is legacy.  At leas ti hope, it is a social justice legacy