Drift Away [Poem]

A tattered edge of a tutu drifts across the playa

the exodus is over and a lonely volunteer pulls glitter from the dust

the vast space empty of noise makers and heighten expectations

only memories linger here

i knew you would answer

when my disoriented plane

put me half a thousand miles from my connection

you were always there

except when you weren’t

“of course, come, you can have half my bed”

your generosity resonates in thru your sleepy voice

Sabrina is Ruby Tuesday

we chat when i arrive at absurd o’clock

you are busy as always

a festival medic you say, it fits you

you turned down a gift ticket to Burning Man

also classic you


we’re out of touch

different coasts, different clans

you were for me a shooting star

bright, short, hot

the torn tutu drifts just slightly out of reach