How to blog a lot

My friend Lotus has a blog.  She wrote recently about writing more and i gave he some advice from my experience.  Below is what i wrote.

Dearest Lotus:

Yeah! more blogging. So here are my hints.

1) Run a constant low level thread in your mind “what would be interesting about this circumstance which would make a good blog post” When you think of soemthing send yourself some type of message – write on your hand, text yourself, put it in the cloud somewhere.


2) Create a queue of topics – separate blog ideas from full blog posts and keep a list of things you want to write about. Arguments are rich for materials, things that you see which can be made better, strongly held beliefs you see around you that are inspiring.

engaged, compelling, rich

engaged, compelling, rich

3) Dont be seduced by long. Short blog post are not only acceptable, but often exactly what your reader wants.

4) Dont be seduced by text only. What your readers may well want are interesting images from your life. I am starting a “commune snapshot” series once a month where i just put up a handful of pictures, somethings without even captions.


5) Find an editor or guest authors. I got Judy from OKCupid, but when you make the blog bigger than yourself it starts to take a life of its own. You dont need it to be just your ego driven material. THere are lots of clever people you know – showcase them on your blog and it will draw traffic.

6) Remember, it is only a blog. If you miss a week or three, that is fine, dont beat yourself up about it. At the point when you are getting 1000 hits every day, we can talk about monitorizing it and it being an income engine, but before that it is just a time expensive hobby and should be seen as such.