That extra Burning Man ticket

The Muslims have Mecca, Funologists have Burning Man.  If you are serious about thinking that transformational festivals are important in building a better world, than this event is one of the most important ones to go to at least once in your life.  [Though i would argue that the Rainbow Gathering is actually more important, for reasons i will get into in another post.]

So when Caroline was visiting the communes around her birthday in February, she reminded me that the BM tickets were going on sale and i bought one.  I was already pretty sure i would not be going.  In part because the dates conflict with the Twin Oaks Communities Conference which i am helping to organize.  But more importantly, i knew i was not really ready to go back.  i got burned by BM in 2009, part of it was i was overly ambitious certainly, i wanted something amazing to happen with the Villages in the Sky project and was working it quite the wrong way.  A bigger part of it was the police entrapped some folks at our camp and our chaotically laid plans got trashed.  i am still healing from this burn.

i will perhaps go back one day, with the right clan or camp.  But for now, i am quite happy to do regional burns like Transformus, which are also much less far and expensive.

We hoped to replace the iwo jima photo with raising the windmill - Circa 2009

We hoped to replace the iwo jima photo with raising the windmill – Circa 2009

But the Burning Man tickets are hard to come by, so Caroline and i both bought them.  And now it is time for some amazing person who wants to go to this event to contact me and offer the $395 that i paid for it.

Caroline at Burning Man - circa 2009

Caroline at Burning Man – circa 2009