Offing Peter Pan

“You are 56? Nice Job!” The young visitor puts up his hand for a high five to me.

It has long been the case that people have thought I looked younger than my age.  There are numerous theories about this.  Good genes, no alarm clocks, little alcohol and no coffee, a child like world view, commune life is relatively low stress, sucking the life energy out of the young people I often hang around with, a Dorian Gray-like picture hidden in a closet somewhere.

paxus with beard

About a month and a half ago GPaul asked me to grow my facial hair out.  Unlike most of the hair on my head, my beard has lots of white and grey in it. This makes me look more my age.

Which sets my head to thinking about all of the cultural baggage that most people take on about trying to look younger and the psychological cost associated with that obsession. And then I think some about my luck, and whether I should keep this facial hair that most people review favorably.

I will probably shave it off for this hammocks sales trip I am currently on, because it is not clear that real hammocks vendors would support such a look.  But perhaps I will let go of the Peter Pan persona and let it grow out again after this trip.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]