Is arrogance genetic?

The Star family does monthly family adventures.  Sky, Hawina, Willow and i go off and take a hike, or romp thru a park, or play board games in a cafe and most importantly to Willow, we eat at a Chinese buffet.


Willow at Maymont Park, Richmond VA circa 2013

After some hunting, we discovered a new Chinese buffet in Richmond yesterday and in a rare quiet moment Willow asked me.

“Why dont you like Sushi?”

“i am not into raw fish.” i replied.

“This is a modern myth.” My son instantly retorted.  ”Sushi is now made with cooked fish which is served cold.” i was surprised at my 11 year olds understanding of contemporary exotic cuisines.

A few moments later Sky came back and confirmed that sushi is in fact still made with raw fish and then i was surprised by my sons complete willingness to speak confidently about things which he is making up.