What a difference a week makes

It’s Tuesday, the day of Keegan’s coffee shop in Appletree/the Nashoba addition.

Is this really happening?


     ^ Mug is smug in its appropriateness

I missed coffee shop last week due to having a third eye-type opening in my forehead, due in turn to extreme tofu making.

Tofu at Twin Oaks is a sweet little factory job.  It’s somewhat physical labor, which appeals to some communards, but we take care of ourselves.  Once we get good at our jobs, many of us enjoy the experience of “flow” that comes from pushing ourselves to be slightly faster, more efficient, more coordinated.  Others who would rather work at a more relaxed pace do so, so the work is not necessarily stressful or hectic.  We get to take labor credits for stretching and weight lifting, body care activities that help us prevent injury.  In the last year we even brought in a professional who gave Alexander Technique classes tailored to tofu hut jobs.  But accidents still happen.

Last week, my morning pack shift was going along swimmingly.  I was so up to speed, had packed all the bulk tofu, and had changed the packager over to be Italian Herb pounder-ready.  The pasteurizer was full.  I noticed that the bottom film (the clear plastic that becomes the “pocket” holding the tofu) was running low, and I decided to fetch more so it would be at hand when needed.  Then physics happened.  Dolly, meet face.


     ^ Helpful graphic and musical reference

I didn’t go back to the tofu hut that day.  I went to the ER instead.  But hey! I had another great pack shift this morning, I took my stitches out today, and Keegan is bringing me coffee with Twin Oaks cream while I sit and blog.

Life is good.  Can you not tell?  Here’s a cat: