Impossible Moments – Thailand

Every day millions of protesters around the world facing police think to themselves, “Why can’t they see the injustice here?  Why don’t these cops see that we are on the same side and we want fairness and a better world for all of us?”  Typically, then the police order the protesters to disperse, or to get out of the street.  In some cases police arrest them and push them around or worse.

Thai police yield to protesters - Circa Dec 6, 2013

Thai police yield to protesters – Circa Dec 6, 2013

Something extraordinary happened in Thailand the other day.  The riot police were sent to break up the anti-government demonstrators.  When they got to the protest, they decided, en masse, that the protesters were right and they took off their riot gear and let them through.

It is only recently that the idea has become popular that a political prisoner could become head of state.

Let’s hope the Thai riot police are a model for law enforcement forces around the world, so that when the people in the streets are speaking truth to those in power – the best thing to happen is for “power” to put down their weapons.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]